About Us

Our Mission

Atelier Magic Paris specializes in designing and realizing luxury jewelry and high-end accessories. We work with natural materials, but also with metals, artificial gems, and stones and with resin. Whether you opt for a small or a large series, the quality is always our major concern. We are proficient in all kinds of techniques such as enameling, collage, pasting, polishing and laser cutting. We dispose of up-to-date equipment, and highly skilled and experienced team of professionals, which allows us to process all kinds of operations needed to manufacture the original fashion jewelry of the highest quality. We are capable of casting, dyeing, welding, chiseling, enameling or polishing even the most sophisticated jewelry. 

All our realisations meet the most exacting standards of luxury fashion jewelry. Whether we work with a world-renowned brand or a small manufacturer, we always make sure to deliver the final creation, that reflects perfectly the spirit of excellence and beauty of the fashion jewelry.